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How to reach the Bed and Breakfast Corte Meraviglia Lucca

The structure is located in the historic center, inside the Walls, and is open to the transit of cars. Since the historic center is under ZTL, it is necessary to communicate the license plate at the reception, at the time of check in, to regularize the entry of the car.

The structure offers guests a parking lot and guarded about 300 meters, at a cost of eur 10.00 per 24hrs.

It is advisable to enter the walls from Porta Santa Maria or Porta San Jacopo, which are the closest entrances to the structure and its parking.

You can arrive in front of the structure for loading / unloading or go directly to park in the space agreed and then come on foot.

- To arrive in front of the structure: enter from Porta Santa Maria, cross the square and enter the section of the ZTL of Via Fillungo (next to a tobacco bar), follow the road keeping the left and entering Via Santa Gemma Galgani. Follow the street until the end and then turn right into Via della Fratta. Continue keeping the left in order to enter Via Mordini. Leave the car in front of number 63.
- To get to the parking lot: enter from Porta Santa Maria, cross the square and enter the section of the ZTL of Via Fillungo (next to a tobacconist's), follow the road keeping left and enter Via Santa Gemma Galgani. Take the first left into Piazza della Zecca and then left again into Via della Zecca. After 50 meters, on the right, you will find a large arch and a gate of the Berutto Parking. Enter the code left by the structure on the keyboard located next to the gate and park your car in the spaces provided, not numbered. The cost of parking, 10 euros per 24hrs, must be paid at check out in the structure. The distance between the parking lot and the facility is 300 meters

Alternative free parking: the only free parking lots are located outside the walls, about 900 meters from the b&b. One of the closest, Parcheggio del Mercato Ortofrutticolo, in Via dei Pubblici Macelli.

MOTORBIKE PARKING: access for motorcycles in the ZTL is free. You can park in the white spaces adjacent to the structure or use the parking lot and guarded for 5 euros per day.
BICYCLES PARKING: guests' bicycles can be parked for free inside the court or directly in the garden.

By train

From the station to the structure, 950 meters distance for a walk of 10-15 minutes.
Once out of the station continue in the direction of the walls and enter through the small passage in front of the station. Cross the walls and turn right into Via delle Mura Urbane.

After a few meters turn left into Via della Rosa. Go straight on entering Via dell'Angelo Custode.

After about 250 meters turn left into Via Mordini and reach number 63